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Looking to learn a new skill? We’ve got you covered! We’ll be adding guides each month, from tool recommendations to building growth on YouTube.


YouTube Picks

Our team will be scanning the web each month for some hidden gems we think deserve to be shouted about and showcases them on here for you to see!


Maker News

We will be bringing to you all the latest maker news and gossip, so you can be the first to hear what’s happening in the community.


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You’ll have access to an exclusive, content rich forum. You’ll be able to discuss projects, news and ideas with other members or you just might need some help. Find it all here.

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We are teaming up with companies from all over the globe to bring to you special offers and discounts.


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Get access to exclusive monthly videos from your favourite makers. You won’t find these videos anywhere else on the web!


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Get discounts on Makers Central show tickets, plus discounts on other shows in your area - never miss out again!


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All members will automatically be entered into a monthly Prize Draw, with the chance to win some pretty impressive stuff.


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Upload your latest build project or just a cool video you made that you want everyone to see. The difference here is the video with the least amount of views will go to the top!


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The first 50 members to sign up will receive a tshirt from DICKIES WORKWEAR. Applicable to EU members only.


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Becoming a member will allow you to gain fast track entry into Makers Central shows avoiding any lengthy ques.

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Maker Community News Free

We will be bringing the latest maker news hot off the press. Not just the news you see and hear about on all the popular social media platforms. Our makers team will be hunting all over the web to find the latest things happening in the maker community near you. From big makers fairs & shows to small craft & hobby fairs, the latest or hottest maker news, what’s trending in the community, plus where you might find your favourite maker.


Build Guides Free

You will certainly be able to learn some new tips and tricks with our member-exclusive guide section. Whether you’re new to this industry or a seasoned veteran, you’ll be able to add new skills to your portfolio or just improve your overall ability, whether this a full-time job or just a hobby there will be build guide here for everyone.

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Exclusive Interviews from Makers Members

One of the big benefits we will brining to you is exclusive interviews with makers. We will be interviewing makers from across the world and bringing those interviews directly to the maker hub. Each interview will be exclusive never seen before footage so get ready to hear all the gossip on your favourite makers.

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The Prize Draw Members

Each month you will automatically be entered into our free prize draw, where you will have the chance to win one of our cool prizes, these prizes will vary but are all maker related. All winners will be listed here on the website. If you are a lucky winner, we will contact you direct and post out your goods directly to your door free of charge.


YouTube Picks Free

In here you will find some great content that has been handpicked by our team, creations inventions, amazing videos that you may have missed and that we think should be seen. This section is also here to help the makers and creators that need a little help in getting their name out there in the community. If you have a cool video you want us to feature. Just send us an email to

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Exclusive Discounts & Offers on Products Members

We will be teaming up with companies around the world to bring to you exclusive offers and discounts. This could be discounts on products, tools, materials or even just discounts on the next shows.


Makers' Showcases Members

You will have access to upload your latest or coolest project and this video will be showcased on the website for everyone to see. You don’t have to be a member to view these videos. The difference here is the video with the least amount of views will go to the top of the page! Yes that’s right, we want to help you show off your coolest project, to help boost your video and your channel.

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The Maker Forum Free

This is something we are really excited about. The Maker forum will help the community by offering help and advice on all topics, you might need some help with your next project or how to overcome a problem you have or need help finding materials or product’s You can even just join in on the conversations with the other makers. The community in here will obviously take time to build but we believe it will bring a lot of great things to the community so we hope you find it helpful.

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